Ethicool Books | Here's why every child needs these in their collection

Ethicool Books | Here's why every child needs these in their collection

Ethicool are the creators of remarkable children’s books about the world’s big issues, inspiring kids to create positive change. 

Why the big issues? Well, because our little ones are ready. They get it. They’re perceptive, intelligent and capable; they’re ready to grow up and make the world a better place. They have the answers, the solutions, and the motivation to not only fulfill their own dreams, but to make our planet more equitable and sustainable. 

 Ethicool’s books are printed using recycled or sustainably-sourced papers, as well as soy-based inks. The books have been extensively tested for durability by the most unforgiving testers (toddlers!), so you won't be looking to throw them away after a few weeks' reading.

Here are our favourites...


Samson C. Turtle and the Deep Breath 

This visually stunning yet naturally calming book is perfect for any little one who has experienced anxiety and wants to understand how to best address it. Samson C. Turtle is one of the most wise and wonderful creatures in the sea and he's keen to share just why. At a sprightly 102 years young, he's learnt a thing or two about how to manage fear and anxiety ... but what might that be? 



When Grandma Was the Moon 

A book that will bring a tear to your eye for all the right reasons. Poetic, raw and heartfelt, When Grandma Was the Moon helps little ones everywhere understand that a loved one may be gone, but they're still here in so many special ways. 

If you’re looking for a children’s book about death or the loss of a loved one, then this gorgeous story has been shaped just for you by our widely-acclaimed author, Stuart French. 


Simon and the Sad Salad 

Join Simon, and the superhero of the day, Asha, as they celebrate at their annual class party. Everyone brings something delicious and extravagant to the party, but not Simon. Asha heads off on a noble journey to discover why … and what she finds changes how she behaves, once and for all. 

This evocative and moving book encourages empathy, understanding, and ultimately sharing and caring in children - and in all who read it. 

A stark reminder of the challenges some children face at school, this story shows us what we can all do about it.