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BIBS Dummies - Frequently Asked Questions


How do I sterilise BIBS Dummies?


Easy! Just follow these three simple steps to sterilise BIBS dummies:

  1. Put the dummies in a clean bowl
  2. Pour boiling water over the pacifiers and let them soak for five minutes
  3. Let the pacifiers dry and cool off on a clean towel (use the towel to gently press out any excess water from inside the nipple)

BIBS dummies are not recommended to be used in a microwave steriliser. 

When your baby is more than three (3) months old, you can also sterilise the dummies by placing them in a sieve and pouring boiling water over them. This method is faster and avoids excess water inside the nipple.

Following the above instructions is sure to kill any bacteria on the dummies, without compromising the durability of the natural rubber latex nipple.


What are BIBS Dummies made from?

  • Teat - 100% natural rubber latex
  • Shield - Polypropylene (PP)


What makes BIBS Dummies so great?

 BIBS Dummies have a 100% natural rubber teat. The classic round cherry shape and the available size options make for the perfect dummy for babies from newborn onwards. The dummy's shield is designed in a way so it curves away from the face and doesn't cause irritation to babies skin, and the cherry teat makes for an ideal dummy for newborn babies. BIBS dummies are available in a range of gorgeous colour palettes, with a design to go with every outfit!  


Which size is right for my baby?

Sizing:  BIBS Dummies are available in

Size 1 (0-6 Months)

Size 2 (6-18 Months) 

Size 3 (18 Months +)

 The dummy shield (coloured piece) is the same size for all the diffferent sized dummies, the sizing varies in the size of the nipple, according to the age recommendation. 


Are BIBS Dummies suitable for breastfed babies?

The natural soft latex cherry shaped nipple is designed to be the most similar shape to a mother’s breast and is therefore recommended by midwifes to support natural breastfeeding. 


How should I store BIBS Dummies?

BIBS Dummies do not come with a cover or a lid, but should be kept dry and protected from dirt when not in use.

Avoid placing the dummy in direct sunlight or heat, as this may weaken the natural latex.