Glow Dreaming | Glow Perfect Add-on Glow Room Sensor
Glow Dreaming | Glow Perfect Add-on Glow Room Sensor

Glow Dreaming | Glow Perfect Add-on Glow Room Sensor

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The Add-on Glow Room Sensor allows you to monitor additional rooms after purchasing the Glow Perfect Sleep Sensor.

Please note this is just the additional sensor, and product does not include the base monitor. 

Glow Dreaming's smart sensor technology will inform you of the best TOG based on the conditions of your child’s sleep space, not based on the weather outside. Easy to set up and use with each sensor being fully portable so you don’t need to disturb your little one when you want to check the room conditions.

Sleep Sensor Monitors:

  • Temperature & Humidity Alert
  • Advises Best TOG: Advises what TOG is best based on room conditions not outside temperature.
  • Portable Monitor: Monitor can go with you anywhere while baby sleeps, so you are always informed and never need to disturb your baby
  • Remote Sensor: Remote sensor is small and can be safely placed in baby’s room. Additional remote sensors can be purchased to monitor up to 3 rooms
  • Real Time Information: Gives real time information to make sure your baby is always sleeping at a safe temperature.


  • Always know that your child’s bedroom has the perfect sleep conditions
  • When outside perfect zone you will be notified via the touch screen
  • Batteries and plug in for constant monitoring
  • Adjust the room so baby sleeps through the night
  • Remote sensor is small and can be safely placed in baby's room
  • One monitor can view up to 3 rooms
  • Gives real time info on the room space
  • Advises what TOG is best based on room conditions not outside temp.
  • Monitor can go with you anywhere while bub sleeps, so you are always informed
  • Includes clock and alarm
  • Suitable for all ages

What’s in the box: 

1 x Add-on Room Sensor (this product does not include the parent screen)


Why it's important to monitor Temperature and Humidity 

Temperature and humidity are the two most critical factors you can control in any baby’s room, and the Glow Perfect Sleep Sensor allows you to monitor this from anywhere in the house, ensuring conditions are always conducive for a safe and comfortable sleep. When the temperature and humidity is also high, the air can feel very muggy and oppressive. Humidity makes it harder for sweat to evaporate from our skin, which is how our bodies cool down. As a result, your little one may feel very uncomfortable and may have trouble sleeping. On the other hand, low humidity can be just as uncomfortable. When the air is dry, it can cause dry skin, chapped lips, and respiratory issues. Ideally, the humidity in your baby's sleep space should be kept between 30-55% for comfort and health. However, babies have smaller nasal passages and 40%-60% is recommended. 

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