Introducing Montiico Fusion | Create your perfect drink bottle combo!

Introducing Montiico Fusion | Create your perfect drink bottle combo!

We are excited to be stocking the new Montiico Fusion range, where you can create your own combo for your or your little one. The FUSION Range offers an expanded range of sizes and the ability to completely customise your Montii Drink Bottle - from colour and size to lid and accessories. FUSION is the ultimate multi-purpose solution, with a simple switch of a lid you really can have it all! 


We'll take you through how to create your perfect match!

 Choose your base 

You asked for every colour in every size and here they are!

Choose the size + colour that's perfectly you and use for everything. 

You can choose from 350ml, 450ml, 700ml, and 1litre and the newest addition 1.5litres

Shop bases here 

Choose your lid - Mix & Match

Montiico heard you loud and clear, and they know that you want to be able to choose your style of lid, the same way you choose the colour and size of your base.

montico fusion drink bottle range the thrifty mumma

Just purchase the parts when you need them, as you need them!

Drink Bottle or Smoothie Cup? We say why not both? Shop lids here

Make it your own

You can customise with Montiico matching bumpers! Designed to protect your base, you can mix 'n' match no matter your base size. You can also get additional removable straps on the Sipper & Flask Lids allow for even more personalisation!

The hardest part is just choosing which colours you love the most! 

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